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Luis Robert Lee
Guin Yah Geyh

Luis R Lee

About Luis

Luis Robert Lee was born on the Seneca Nation's Allegany Indian Reservation, Quaker Bridge, NY. 
He is a member of the Seneca Beaver Clan. 
His clan name, Guin Yah Geyh, means "Something 
from the Clouds" and was given to him by his maternal grandmother in the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Longhouse. 

Luis worked as a connector on the high steel with his father while obtaining his BFA degree in Advertising Design from Syracuse University. After working his way up in the corporate world, Luis finished his "big business" career as Director of Packaging at Hiram Walker & Sons Ltd., in Ontario, Canada. He then formed his own boutique design firm specializing in packaging design and consulting with major national and international clients. He has won many prestigious graphic design awards.


Luis is also a former lacrosse player and now coaches high school lacrosse in Connecticut. He has played for the Newtown Athletic Club (Iroquois Can/Am box lacrosse leagues), Syracuse University and the New York City and New Jersey lacrosse clubs.


In his spare time, Luis creates beadwork jewelry, horn rattles and, most recently, Quahog "wampum" shell necklaces and earrings. The designs are based on the tradition, color and style of the Haudenosaunee; they are unique but faithful to the American Indian heritage.

Each piece created by Luis is, by its very nature, one of a kind and all are a joy to wear or collect by both Native and non-Native people. 

Luis R Lee, Seneca

Luis R Lee, Seneca

About Us

Our Products

Exquisite, authentic handmade Haudenosaunee items. Featuring tiny glass beads, deerskin from Seneca Territories, real feathers. Custom made and to order. Available at the Seneca Museum, where Luis is a featured artist, and other museums, powwows and festivals, and through this website.

Our Process

Luis painstakingly handcrafts each item traditionally, bringing a powerful and authentic aesthetic to everything from clothing and jewelry to keychains. He gathers materials from deer, turkey, porcupines, mollusks and beads and crafts these unique, museum-quality products in his home studio.

Luis R Lee Haudenosaunee Iroquois Seneca artisan beadwork

Luis R Lee

Luis Robert Lee is a full-blood, enrolled Seneca who grew up on the Allegany Reservation in NY state and now lives and works with his wife, Heather, in Suffield, CT.

An active Rotary member and lacrosse coach, Luis worked for many years as President of his own Package Design agency and won several prestigious awards for his work. 

Luis now creates beautiful and authentic Iroquois handicrafts for sale in museums and through this website.

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